A passion for the Montessori Method

Motivated daily by my passion for Montessori and my desire to share its value with parents, educators, and schools.

Montessori Unpacked


See how Alison can help you on your Montessori journey.

Parent Consultations & Coaching

Navigating the world of Montessori education can be challenging and confusing. Alison unpacks the Montessori way of learning to help parents develop clarity around this important topic so they can make informed decisions about their child’s future learning. Alison also helps parent create and develop Montessori environments at home suitable for their child.

Development for Educators

Alison supports educators through workshops and presentations, combining her expertise with current research to create content that is relevant for today’s educator. She follows a Montessori approach in her workshops with hands-on and interactive activities and provides opportunities for reflection and discussion. Workshops are tailored to the needs of the school.  Alison offers full and half-day workshops, plus shorter webinars.

Montessori Writing & Research

Alison helps schools develop their promotional material for prospective families.  She develops content for school websites, and contributes to Montessori publications. 

Parent Information Sessions

Alison offers Parent Information Sessions to schools.  These sessions are designed for parents of children in Montessori programs. The sessions are to support and deepen parents’ understanding of child development, the key Montessori principles and their implementation in the classroom.